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In www.tumodalatina.com. We respect your privacy and personal information. Therefore, we will not sell or transfer your data to third parties. All the information provided will be used only and exclusively internally, in order to generate statistics, and thus be able to have a better understanding of our users' profile and improve the offer of the products and services provided on our website.


The sending of e-mails will be done only with your consent and you can deactivate this option at any time by typing to the emailwww.tumodalatina.com.Applying for the decrease in the promotional posting service.

Property of information

All information on this site is owned by www.tumodalatina.com, therefore, you can not modify, copy, extract or use without a prior consent and in writing. Therefore, when accessing www.tumodalatina.com, the user is aware that the misuse of this information could result in civil and criminal sanctions.


In accordance with the provisions of the Political Constitution of Colombia, Law 1581 of 2,012, the regulatory decree 1377 of 2,013 and other complementary provisions, adopts the policy of treating personal data, which will be applied by www.tumodalatina.com.Regarding the collection, storage, use, circulation, suppression and the different activities that constitute the processing of personal data. Additionally, customers and users are informed that the information that register at www.tumodalatina.com, will be collected prior authorization, expresses and informed. These data will be stored in databases governed by security and confidentiality policies; In addition, they will be used for submissions, promotions, events or other advertising purposes.

As a client you can know and access your personal data that are stored on this website and exercising the rights that assist them as the owner of them according to what is established in Law 1581 of 2012.

The personal data of the users of this site may be edited when the client so requires, as well as the user may request the rectification, cancellation and opposition to the treatment of his personal data in a written manner or through the emailinfo@tumodalatina.com

To give application to the provisions of this policy, it is understood:

  • Authorization:Previous consent, express and informed of the owner to carry out the treatment of personal data.
  • Notice of Privacy:Physical or electronic verbal or written communication generated by www.tumodalatina.com. or any third party appointed by the latter for the purposes, addressed to the owner for the treatment of his personal data, through which he is informed about the existence of information processing policies that will be applicable, how to access the Same and the purposes of treatment that is intended to give to personal data.
  • Personal fact:Any information linked or that can be associated with one or more particular or determinable natural persons. www.tumodalatina.com. For purposes of the above, it provides that they will be personal data, among the following: name, surname, age, gender, marital status, email, correspondence address, identification number, date of birth, telephone and profession.
  • Sensitive fact:Sensitive data is understood by those that affect the intimacy of the owner or whose improper use can generate its discrimination, such as those that reveal racial or ethnic origin, political orientation, religious or philosophical convictions, belonging to unions, social organizations, Human rights or to promote interests from any political party or that guarantee the rights and guarantees of political parties of opposition, as well as the data relating to health, sex life, and biometric data.
  • Treatment manager:Natural or legal, public or private person, which by itself or in association with others, perform the treatment of personal data on behalf of the treatment manager.
  • Responsible for treatment:Natural or legal, public or private person, which by itself or in association with others, decides on the database and / or treatment of data.
  • Headline:Natural person whose personal data is subject to treatment;
  • Treatment:Any operation or set of operations on personal data, such as collection, storage, use, circulation or suppression

Personal data processing

In the treatment of personal data, the following principles will be met:

  • Principle of purpose:The treatment of personal data must be obeyed at a legitimate purpose that the owner will be informed.
  • Principle of freedom:The treatment of personal data can only be exercised with the consent, previous, express and informed of the owner. Personal data may not be obtained or disclosed without prior authorization, or in the absence of legal or judicial mandate that relieves the consent of the owner.
  • Principle of veracity or quality:The information subject to treatment should be truthful, complete, accurate, up-to-date, verifiable and understandable. Treatment of partial, incomplete, fractionated or error induced data is prohibited.
  • Principle of transparency:Treatment The right of the owner should be guaranteed from www.tumodalatina.com, at any time and without restrictions, information about the existence of data that concerns you.
  • Principle of access and restricted circulation:Personal data, except for public information, may not be available on the Internet or other means of dissemination or mass communication, unless the access is technically controllable to provide a restricted knowledge only to the owners or third parties authorized by it.
  • Safety Principle:The information subject to treatment should be handled with the technical, human and administrative measures that are necessary to grant security to the records avoiding their adulteration, loss, consultation, use or unauthorized or fraudulent access.
  • Principle of confidentiality:All persons who intervene in the treatment of personal data are obliged to guarantee the reservation of the information, including after completing their relationship with any of the tasks comprising the treatment.



Thanks for entering www.tumodalatina.com.

This site offers high quality in the service and excellent shopping experience for its users.

Next, there are the conditions that are accepted when accessing and navigating on the website. If in any case you do not agree with the information or content of the page, the session. www.tumodalatina.com. Reserves the right to update or change these terms and conditions without prior notice, so we recommend reading the following recommendations.


Restrictions of use

www.tumodalatina.com. It does not transfer any right, title or interest of any content by allowing its customers and visitors from the Website to interact with it.

www.tumodalatina.com. It fully has the intellectual property of any content that is downloaded, reproduced, print, redistribute or be saved from your website or other allies.

All the content of the site www.tumodalatina.com including, images, illustrations, graphics, animation, and design of the site, are intellectual property of www.tumodalatina.com. and its allies, as well as the content of the sitewww.tumodalatina.com. Its purpose is for its users, personal use and in no case commercial.

All the contents of the websitewww.tumodalatina.com. They are exclusive property of www.tumodalatina.com including, but not limited to articles, graphic design, logo, images, texts, illustrations, photographs, animations or other distinctive signs, in any of the programming languages ​​used and / or Usable, as well as all the operation and development software of the website. The reproduction, distribution, communication made available to users, and any other operating act or modality, in any online or offline format that has not been expressly authorized by the owner of the exploitation rights, is expressly prohibited.

www.tumodalatina.com. It does not grant any license or authorization of use of any kind on your intellectual and industrial property rights or on any other property or right related to the website and the products offered.

Termination of service

The terms and conditions are applied when the user accesses the site, and is in the registration or is in the purchase.www.tumodalatina.com. You can terminate the service at any time without prior authorization. The provisions relating to copyright, trademarks, responsibility, limitation of responsibility, compensation or others, do not disappear with this termination.


Whenever www.tumodalatina.com. You can send you information through email, general notices through the site, or written communication sent by mail to the user's registration address.

Acceptance of terms and conditions

When accessing and using the websitewww.tumodalatina.com. The user accepts that he is subject to the terms and conditions and all laws applicable to electronic commerce.

Promotional or advertising communications

Customers expressly authorize www.tumodalatina.com. To send them to the email registered on the website, a newsletter where promotions may include, according to the authorization they give when they make the registration on the website. The client may request the suspension of all promotional or advertising communication sent to his email by sending an email in this regard at info@tumodalatina.com, or manifesting such a situation through the chat, the customer service line or on the cancel button The subscription that is at the bottom of each of the bulletins.

Use of discount codes or coupons

The use of discount codes or coupons is not cumulative with other promotions or discounts unless otherwise expressed, it is not transferable to third parties, it may only be used only once for each client and in turn can only be used by people over eighteen (18) years. The discount coupon will indicate the date on which its use in the portal is valid, and the other conditions that apply, such as: selected products, minimum purchases required, among others.

Validity and conditions of promotions

Offers and / or promotions will have the indicated validity and communicated to the client, otherwise it will be understood that the promotion extends until the inventory destined for that offer is exhausted. Promotions are not cumulative with other promotions or discounts unless on the website of www.tumodalatina.com specify otherwise. When the customer uses a code or coupon or redeems it the time to pay on the website of www.tumodalatina.com. Offers or promotions integrally accept the conditions to access these and these terms and conditions. When an offer is made that contains more favorable conditions for the client, it declares understand and accept that the product offered can be exhausted during the validity of the offer and / or promotion, without implying any type of responsibility for www.tumodalatina.com..

Use of the site

Harassment is strictly prohibited through chat and / or email, including the use of vulgar, obscene or abusive language. Therefore, it is totally forbidden to load, publish or distribute through this website, any content that is defamatory, slander, obscene, threatening, invader of privacy or the rights of advertising, abusive, illegal, or of any other nature Similar that may constitute or promote a criminal offense or violate the rights of any of the intervening parties. Failure to comply with this prohibition will lead to responsibility and penalties contemplated by law.

Likewise, the imitation of identity is expressly prohibited and will be sanctioned in accordance with current legislation.


www.tumodalatina.com. is committed to the satisfaction of our clients; For this reason we deliver the products under the conditions of quality and compliance established by law.

www.tumodalatina.com, waives guarantees and representations up to the limit imposed by Colombian law, including, but not limited to the guarantees of commercialization and aptitude for a particular legal purpose.

www.tumodalatina.com, does not guarantee that the different functions contained on the website may be subject to interruptions or errors at any time, does not guarantee that the site or server are free of viruses, spyware, malware or other threats that may affect the Usability of the page, however www.tumodalatina.com. Candle for the safety of users.

Price policies

www.tumodalatina.com. It is committed to offering high quality products at competitive prices, prices published on the page include the sale tax (VAT) with% applicable according to the Colombian law in force at the time of publication.

For purchases outside of Colombia, the user can contact www.tumodalatina.com. via email info@tumodalatina.com , and you will be given the necessary information regarding prices, methods of payment, forms and costs of sent in the currency that the user wishes.

In the event that a product appears with an incorrect price due to a typographical error or system error, www.tumodalatina.com. You will have the right to deny or cancel any order set for such products.

Shipping policies

The commitment to www.tumodalatina.com. is to deliver the order on the date and place established at the time of the order; Therefore, if the day of delivery of the order is not present, the applicant to receive it, the conveyor will be in the power to deliver it to an older person who is at home.

If in such a case, at the time of delivery there was no one at home, the conveyor will make a second installment.


  • Retractive policies

In accordance with the returned right in the consumer status, Law 1480 of 2011 in Article 47, the maximum term to exercise the right of retractive is 5 business days counted from the date of delivery of the product acquired in the shopwww.tumodalatina.com..

The product must be returned under the same conditions that were received to know:

  • Original packing in perfect condition.
  • Original labels in the product without ruptures or recresesses.
  • Additional accessories (if applicable).
  • Product in perfect condition, without ruptures, rips, spots, recosses, discolorations and other damages that can occur to the product.
  • The product should not show signs of use, washing or damage.

The product must be returned through a certified conveyor.

Transportation costs and other costs involving the return of the product will be covered by the consumer.

If during the first 10 business days following the customer to perform the request to exercise the right of retractive by email at info@tumodalatina.com the product has not been returned to www.tumodalatina.com. , he learns that the client has decided to desist from the right of retractive.

In case all the aforementioned conditions are met, www.tumodalatina.com. It will allocate a balance in favor of the customer reflected in a note credit for the total sum paid by the client. This balance in favor may be spent on any product of the store and will have a calendar year after the time you exercised the right of retractive to be used (money returns will not be made).

  • Retractive process

  1. To exercise the right of retractive, the client must manifest his written intention through electronic communication to the mail info@tumodalatina.com , where indicate the order number, invoice number and product, at a time no longer than 5 business days counted from the date of delivery of the product.
  2. The client must send the product by means of a certified conveyor at a time no longer than 10 business days counted from the date of delivery of the product. For information on the sending address, the client must communicate to the customer service line (+57) 319 738 3699 From Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or request information through electronic communication to the mail info@tumodalatina.com.
  3. www.tumodalatina.com. Upon receiving the product and verify that it complies with the aforementioned conditions, it proceeds to make the credit note due to the value object of the right of retractive.
  4. Discount garments do not apply for retrands.

  • Policies of change

We want our customers to be 100% satisfied with the purchases made through www.tumodalatina.com.

To exercise the right to change, the products must comply with the following requirements:

  • They should not have been used, washing or damaged
  • They must keep the original label. As far as we suggest the garments try before withdrawing it.
  • They must be returned in the original packaging
  • The purchase invoice or gift certificate must be presented

  • Change process

  1. To exercise the change, the client must manifest his written intention through electronic communication to the mail info@tumodalatina.com , where you indicate the reason why you want to make the change (size, color), order number, invoice number and product, at a time no longer than 8 business days counted from the date of delivery of the product to the customer.
  2. The client must send the product by means of a certified conveyor at a time no longer than 10 business days counted from the date of delivery of the product to the customer. For information on the sending address, the client must communicate to the customer service line(+57) 319 738 3699From Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or request information through electronic communication to the mail info@tumodalatina.com


Claim for quality

Whenever a correct use has been given to the garments, these can be changed within a maximum period of (30) days from the date of receiving the product. Products acquired in promotion do not apply changes or money returns.

In such a case that quality problems occur, we will recognize the arrangement or change of it and all the expenses incurred will be reimbursed.

If the guarantee request was not accepted after being evaluated by the Quality Department due to the lack of compliance with the conditions indicated above, the client will be informed within 15 business days following the claim date to coordinate again the Sending the garment; In this case, it will be sent with a freight receivable to the delivery address where the conveyor company must be paid at the time of receiving the product.

Before performing a quality claim procedure, we invite you to consult the most common rejection reasons for requests:

  • The time limit of thirty (30) days was exceeded after the purchase has been delivered to make the claim.
  • Do not follow the washing and care instructions for the garment.
  • Use of chemicals or bleach in washing.
  • Faded by direct drying to the sun.
  • Altered garment or modified by the client and therefore his Hormo was affected.
  • The print, applies or embroidery were ironed.
  • Normal wear of the garment.

In the event that www.tumodalatina.com. You have mistakenly sent an article different from the requested, we will recognize the change of the product by also assuming the return shipping costs.

For concerns about our claim processes, contact our customer service line(+57) 319 738 3699From Monday to Friday, from 8:00 a.m. at 5:00 p.m. Or send an email to info@tumodalatina.com.






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